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Shockoe Bottom Performance believes in connection. This is our core “why” behind everything we do — connecting members’ minds and bodies, connecting members to each other, and connecting this gym to the community.



Integrity —

We believe in standing for things, rather than against something else. Our gym workouts are challenging, because we know our members are capable of great things and we have faith in their abilities to meet the challenges we ask of them daily. Sweating together, cheering together, PRing together — these bond us together as members and friends, and reveal strength of character.

Acceptance —

We believe in accepting and welcoming everyone who comes through our doors. We know each individual has the power and potential to do great things, and we believe that we can provide the guidance needed to reach your goals. Essential to this, though, is practicing self-acceptance too — knowing who and where you are is how you start a path to the “you” you want to be!

Knowledge —

We believe in making our members knowledgeable and confident in their skills, lifts, and capabilities. We want to share what we know about fitness, about mental wellness, nutrition, and also ways that members can support their community in difficult or challenging times. Knowledge breeds understanding, and understanding builds connections.

Faith —

We believe in each other, in ourselves, and in the power of greater purpose. We promote community within our membership, but we also promote self-confidence and faith in each person’s abilities. Our members’ faith in us is part of this value too — we hold that faith sacred, and know that it fuels our commitment and work for this gym community!


We encourage potential members to come in and workout with our community. It is important to find a home gym that you feel comfortable and can see yourself being a part of! Everyone’s life is different outside of our gym walls so we work hard to be a positive part of our members day every time they step foot in our facility.

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