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The CrossFit methodology to fitness and health is defined as “Constantly varied, high intensity functional movements.” In CrossFit we turn working out into a sport. Being competitive with yourself and others causes results that you very rarely see in more traditional gyms. We help you turn yourself into the best possible you that you can be. CrossFit is more intense than any workout you have seen before.

Personal Training

Personal training is designed and offered specifically around an individual’s schedule, goals, and performance desires. Some clients prefer to work 1:1 directly with a coach to achieve their individuals goals as compared to a group/class settings. There is a close relationship that is built around an individual’s goals where personal programming is a key part to this service, the personal coaching/attention, commitment from both parties, and dedicated support are the true reasons individuals find personal training to be so successful and valuable.

Daily WOD

At SBCF, we are a firm believer in community and we encourage members to complete workouts in a class format, where they can receive coaching from our skilled professionals, as well as encouragement and plentiful high fives and fist bumps after putting in some hard work.

Personal Programming

Personal programming is for athletes with specific goals but are unsure of how to achieve them. We can provide athletes with individualized programming that can be worked into our daily programming to help them achieve their first muscle up, become more efficient at handstand push ups, increase their one rep max snatch, or any other goals they may have.

Remote Programming

Remote programming is for athletes who travel a lot, have moved out of Richmond, or finally built their dream home-gym and want to continue with SBCF’s programming. You’ll get full access to every workout programmed for SBCF, including warm up, strength, metabolic conditioning, post-workout, and “No Excuses” hotel workout for the day.

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