Mandi is the builder at Shockoe Bottom Performance. She dreams big, sharing Ryan’s dreams for a fitness community full of care, compassion, and grit. She earned her L1 certification in 2018, and holds a degree in business marketing and professional sales from Liberty University. Once a dental implant coordinator for one of the area’s most successful oral surgeons, she found herself drawn more and more to the fitness and wellness industry. She sought out a job at a fitness technology company so her more flexible hours would give her a better home life with her son, Mason, as well as allow her to help manage the gym. She also has her own fitness and weight loss journey that provides great insight into the unique challenges and dreams of all our members no matter their background.

For Mandi, co-owning Shockoe Bottom Performance is all about relationships and belonging. It is her shared passion with Ryan, her fiance, and became her dream because it was first his dream. Meeting new members is one of Mandi’s favorite parts of managing SBP, because she views each member as an investment of time, effort, connection, and faith. Where Ryan is the foundation of what SBP stands for, Mandi is the builder, creating initiatives and gathering community around his dream for what’s possible. She meets members where they are and helps them find that inner drive to take the risks that Ryan believes they are capable of taking. She believes in the potential of every person who walks through the doors of SBP, and makes sure they know that!⁠

For both Ryan & Mandi, SBP is more than a gym. It’s about the transformative experiences that are possible when radical welcome meets a network of support and mutual faith in others. The coaches might teach you how to do a pull-up while you’re here, but in the end it’s about the journey you take to gain that new version of yourself who can do that skill. Positive change is possible for anyone — SBP is how the two of them make it happen.