Ryan is the foundation of Shockoe Bottom Performance. His vision — to create a community grounded in fitness, wellness, and health that helps as many people as possible — is why this gym exists today. Ryan had dreamed of owning a gym since he was young, and after playing high-level junior hockey with the Richmond Generals (then being drafted to Canada, then traded to the Idaho Steelheads before an injury took him out of play), he found CrossFit. It brought him back to competition, and he earned his L1 (while playing hockey), his L2, his Kids certification, his Sports certification, his Olympic certification, and his Gymnastics certification. He is also an AFAA-certified personal trainer, as well as being a Regional CrossFit athlete in 2017 and ‘18, going to Wodapalooza in 2016 & ‘19, and the Granite Games in 2016. In 2017 he and Mandi bought Shockoe Bottom CrossFit from the previous owners and worked to make it what it is today — Shockoe Bottom Performance (the only CrossFit affiliate within Richmond city limits).

For Ryan, owning Shockoe Bottom Performance is all about leading by example with an authenticity that expresses the value of hard work, taking risks, and helping others. His values are expressed through the gym, and he constantly strives to make it a safe haven for people to grow, change, and become the best version of themselves possible. The potential for positive impact in that kind of haven is what drives him – risking the vulnerability inherent in making positive life changes can only happen when members feel confident in their coaches and their community. Ryan works to instill that strength of character and self-assurance in this place on a daily basis. He wants everyone to know that better is possible, and it’s within us to make that happen!