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The CrossFit methodology to fitness and health is defined as “Constantly varied, high intensity functional movements”, but it is really important that we express to anyone that may be new to this experience that intensity is relevant to the individual. We take each persons ability and current fitness level into account even in the group fitness atmosphere. This means that the “WOD” for the day can be accomplished by any individual who steps foot in our door as it can vary by modifications to meet their specific need.

At SBCF, we are a firm believer in community and we encourage members to complete workouts in a class format, where they can receive coaching from our skilled professionals, as well as encouragement and plentiful high fives and fist bumps after putting in some hard work.

Each class is structured with a coach-led warm up, strength, and workout. The coach will guide the class through each of the individual pieces and effectively explain the workout intention, format, and movement standards or modification options!

Although we firmly believe in our dedicated programming that our 1 hour class is adequate for your daily workout, we do have individuals with the desire to dedicate more time to training and improvement in specific areas. Additional programming is provided to those athletes 5 days a week and are completely optional. Lastly, a “No Excuse” workout is provided 5 days a week for the athletes that may be traveling, had to work late and didn’t make it to class time, or anyone unable to make it into the fully equipped gym. Often times this is body weight or may include a dumbbell or a kettlebell.




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