Consults and Movement Assessments

The Best Consults and Fitness Assessments In Richmond
Consults and Fitness Assessments Near Church Hill, Virginia

Consults are offered to any individual who interested in joining our community or looking to address specific goals. 

Consults typically last 30-45 minutes depending on the individuals needs. 

Movement assessments are the most cost effective and efficient way for our staff to understand the individuals current abilities and address the right approach to accomplish their goals. In a movement assessment the coach will take you through a series of functional movements aide in understanding the natural movement patterns and individual body awareness. Combined with understanding their goals from the consult it is a great introduction to progressing into your fitness journey. 

Movement Assessments typically take 1 hour. 

Phone Consult- Free
In person Consult-
Member Movement Assessment – Free
Non-Member Movement Assessment – $30.00

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